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Home Checklist to do throughout the year.

The frequency of inspection and service given in the charts reflect the minimum amount of time and service your house and various household appliances will require. Items may need to be checked more often or at other times depending on the number of occupants, types of materials, local conditions, household pets, and other variables.

Grounds and yard

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Drain outside water lines and hoses. Inspect
Clean area wells, window wells, and storm drains. Inspect Inspect
Check driveways and sidewalks for cracks, yard for settlement and soil erosion. Inspect
Check safety and reversing mechanism on electric garage door operators, adjust if needed. Inspect

Doors and Windows

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check doors. windows, and trim for finish failure. Inspect
Check glazed openings for loose putty. Inspect
Check for broken glass and damaged screens. Inspect
Check and lubricate window hardware. Inspect
Check weatherstripping for damage and tightness of fit. Inspect Inspect
Check caulking at doors, windows, and all other openings and joints between dissimilar materials (like wood and masonry). Inspect

Exterior walls

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check masonry for cracks and loose joints. Inspect
Check painted suraces for paint failure. Inspect
Check siding and trim for damage and decay. Inspect


Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check for damaged or loose shingles, blistered roofing. Inspect
Check underside of roof where accessible for water stains or dampness. Inspect
Check for damaged flashing. Inspect
Check for damaged gutters, downspouts, hangers, strainers, and rust. Inspect
Clean gutters and downspouts. Inspect
Sweep debris from flat and low slope roofs. Inspect
Evaluate roof for future replacement. Inspect
Check vents, louvers, and chimney caps and housing for birds nests, etc. Inspect Inspect
Check fascias and soffits for paint failure and decay. Inspect
Check antenna by wires and supports. Inspect
Check masonry chimneys. Inspect

Interior Surfaces

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check all joints in ceramis tile, laminated plastic, and similar surfaces. Inspect Inspect
Check grouting around tubs, showers, and sinks. Inspect Inspect


Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check for wear and damage, particularly where one material meets another. Inspect
Evaluate for replacement or refinishing. Inspect


Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check flush valves, faucets, hose bibs, and supply and drainage piping, including those in basement and/or crawlspace. Inspect
Check septic tank. Inspect
Check water heater. Inspect

Electrical System

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Check condition of lamp cords, extension cords, and plugs. Replace at first sign of wear or damage. Inspect Inspect
Check exposed and overhead wiring for damage and missing insulation. Replace or repair as needed. Inspect
If fuses blow or trip frequently, or if you feel a slight shock or tingling, call an electrician to locate the causes and make repairs. Inspect
Test Ground Fault Circuit Interupters (GFCI’s). Inspect Inspect

Foundations and Basements

Spring Fall Annually As Required
Inspect for signs of termite/pest infestation. Inspect
Check grading to assure that water will drain away from the foundation Inspect
Check basement or crawlspace for dampness and/or leakage following wet weather. Inspect

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