Portland, OR Home Inspector

Walk-Through Checklist Before Closing

Your home inspection was most likely done when the house was occupied. Therefore, furniture, storage, and other items prevented the inspector from full access. It is highly recommended that you contact your real estate agent to arrange a walk-through (with your walk-through checklist handy) several days before closing. Bring your Purchase Agreement and copy of the Home Inspection Report so you can refer to all items that are included in your home purchase as well as what conditions were pointed out by the Inspector. Use the following walk-through checklist as a guide:

  1. Walk around the exterior looking for any change in condition from the time the home inspection was completed, such as missing or broken storm and screen/windows, damaged siding, or other physical damage.
  2. Check the garage door opener operation and controls.
  3. View the roof from the ground to ensure that all shingles are intact.
  4. Check the operation of all appliances that are staying.
  5. Check for signs of water leaks in ceilings, basements, water heater, plumbing.
  6. Check for visual mold in closets, basement walls, and other areas that are readily accessible.
  7. Smell for gas or sewer odors.
  8. Walk around interior, looking behind curtains, blinds, etc., for damage to walls or windowsills.

Basically, conduct a walk-through to verify the condition of the house is the same as when placed under contract.

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